Diamond is the hardest known material found on the planet. Apart from having ornamental value, diamond also guarantees strength, energy, beauty, happiness, longevity and a continuous sense of belonging.

When should Diamond be worn?

Diamond should be worn only when your horoscope shows a weak Shukra (your friendly planet), or when you face one or more of these following problems related to your mind and body.

Effects of weak Sukra / Venus on your personal life

  • Being the indicator of love (Karaka) there may be repeated failures in your love life.
  • Venus is the Karaka for beauty and charm, a weak Venus or Sukra will spoil your charm and personality.
  • Karaka also signifies vehicles and a weak Sukra means heavy looses in matters pertaining to vehicles either through theft or accidents.
  • Persons involved in the entertainment business will face repeated failures.
  • Effects of weak Sukra / Venus on your body
  • In case of men, Sukra denotes sperms and a weaker nature can lead to low sperm count and thus affect reproductive system.
  • The weakness of this planet will cause, lack of beauty, charm and grace, lack of taste or refinement, insensitivity and lack of love and affection. You may sometimes be offensive, crude and vulgar. For women a weak Sukra means low feminine qualities