Gazing at the green colour of Emerald soothes the eyes and enhances eyesight. It cures epilepsy, diabetes and jaundice, and also believed to cure leprosy if finely ground and applied as a poultice

When should Emerald be worn?

If your weakest planet according to your horoscope is Mercury, emerald is your ideal gemstone. You can rely on Emerald if you encounter one or more of the following problems related to body and mind

Effects of weak Mercury on your personal life

  • Budha denotes vidya (education) and skill, and as your friend is languorous you may find difficulties in studies and cultivating new skills. Your memory power will be feeble and grasping power negligible. You will have a shabby handwriting, which can directly affect your exam result if you are student.
  • As Budh is also a planet for final decisions, a weaker one means that it will be impossible for you to stick to one view.
  • You will face immense difficulty in making good judgements.
  • You will have a low IQ added with poor communication skills.
  • Weak memory, inability to calculate, insecurity, childishness, foolishness, lack of self-control, obsession and dependencies are some of the disheartening factors in your life.
  • You may be a little slow, dull, absent-minded or irrational.
  • Effects of weak Mercury / Budh on your body
  • Weak Budh can weaken your nervous system giving rise to nerve pain, tremors, insomnia and palpitations.
  • You will be often attacked by hypersensitivity, allergies, sinus problems and colds. The lungs and heart may be vulnerable. You may also suffer from pain and anxiety