House of gaea faceted pearlsAs an emblem of purity, innocence and peace pearl is thought to be sacred to the Moon. It possesses tremendous medical value and cures vomiting of blood, jaundice and diseases of the heart

When should Pearl be worn?

The Pearl should be worn when your horoscope calculates your weakest planet as the Chandra/Moon. This gemstone can also be worn if you encounter one or more of the following problems

Effects of weak Moon on your personal life

  • As Chandra / Moon rules the mind, your will be mentally weak and exceedingly emotional.
  • You will be a prey of uncontrollable anger and worries.
  • You will feel uncomfortable in mingling with people, and you are worst at maintaining friendship.
  • Nothing can provide you self-contentment.
  • You may be very bad at handling stress.
  • Depression and pessimism will haunt you
  • Effects of the weak Moon on your body
  • Low energy level of your friend, the Moon, will lead to anaemia due to lack of essential fluids and constant dehydration.
  • You would never put on weight and always look weak and sick.
  • You may confront problems relating to organs like skin, lungs and kidneys

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