Wearing Red Coral on the index or ring finger of the right hand resists the malevolent influence of the 'Evil Eye'. It also provides relief to heart problems, haemorrhages and contagious infections.

When should Red Coral be worn?

Precious gemstones for time immemorial have been believed to change lives and bring in fortune and good luck. Specific gems have exclusive characters and fetch required changes if worn in a prescribed way

If your horoscope finds the planet Mars as your weakest planet, then Red Coral is the ideal gemstone to be worn. You can also wear red coral when you face one or more of the following problems both related to you mind and body

Effects of weak Mars/Kuja/Mangal in your personal life

  • Lack of energy will disable your motivation.
  • Continuous obstacles in work and inability to perform well will make it difficult for you to stand up for yourself.
  • You may be over cautious and easily troubled by dominating people.
  • You will be inexpressive and closed about your real feelings.
  • You may be overly passive, easily controlled, and may be abused even physically.

Effects of weak Mars/Mangal/Kuja on your body

  • Your immune system will be weak due to low appetite, poor food absorption. You will be low in weight with weak muscles, weak liver and small intestines. Hemorrhoids may be your major problem.
  • You will be prone to frequent injuries, and healing would take a longer time.
  • Men may lack sexual vitality