Yellow Sapphires are regarded as bearers of good fortune and believed to bring their owners success in their daily dealings. It should be worn on the index finger of the right hand.

When should Yellow Sapphire be worn?

If planet Jupiter happens to be your weakest planet according to your horoscope, then probably you cannot miss wearing a yellow sapphire. You can also wear a yellow sapphire if you face the following problems related to body and mind

Guru is the lord of all auspicious celebrations and indicates wealth, and hence a weak Guru is the most unsuitable feature.

Also called as Dhanakaraka, a weak Guru can give rise to permanent cash crunch.

As the energy level is low, a weak Guru gives rise to lack of joy, enthusiasm, weak will and lack of faith. Life would be devoid of meaning and optimism. Depression, anxiety, melancholy, moodiness and self-pity would be felt throughout. You may lack compassion, friendliness or congeniality. Since Guru also rules the creativity and production abilities of an individual, you may not be imaginative.

Children will give you sleepless nights due to their stubbornness and unpleasant companies as guru indicates them. As guru also denotes husband, marital relationship will get a setback for women due to lack of energy in the spouse

Effects of weak Jupiter / Guru on your body

Guru rules major glands like liver and pancreas and lack of energy to thrive will lead to malfunctions of these glands leading to chronic diseases and nervous disorders.

All these tribulations can be potentially overcome if you act and start wearing a yellow sapphire