The beautiful 'Blue Sapphire', is regarded as the 'Stone of the Stones' and is considered to give peace of mind, tranquility, happiness and spiritual enlightenment When should blue sapphire be worn?

If the planet Saturn/Sani happens to be your weak friend according to your horoscope, then the gemstone Blue Sapphire is your perfect gemstone. You can also wear Blue Sapphire if you encounter one or more of the following problems related to your mind and body.

Effects of weak Sani / Saturn on your personal life

  • Sani or Saturn is the indicator of longevity and death, wearing a Blue Sapphire will increase your life span and enhance your.
  • Sani also denotes misery or dukha karaka that gives rise to constant nagging. Problems created by weak Sani are not easily rectifiable, but in the process of making mistakes the person tends to learn life's lesson better. Sani is also referred to as a teacher because the experience gained by going through the trouble brings out a person well-equipped to fight all the evils of life.
  • Buddhists believed that Blue Sapphire urged a desire to pray thereby giving rise to peace of mind, tranquility, happiness and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Natural tendency of the Sani / Saturn is to delay things that invariably affect your plan of action.
  • You may lack internal peace, and suffer from agitation, fits of anger, tremors, inability to handle stress, insomnia, and insecurity. You would always seek company to burn off your precious time.
  • You may be uncomfortable in meeting strong and influential people. You may often be less practical and more of a theoretician. You are likely to have difficulty in making money unless your wealth score in your super horoscope indicates that you have the potential to become rich.You lack consistency and have less endurance. You always quit when it comes to crucial points and lack long term drive or endurance

Effects of weak Sani / Saturn on your body

  • Sani/ Saturn rules over the nerves and legs, and therefore weaknesses in these areas are possible. Weakness of the bones, especially in the joints would be noticeable.
  • The general appearance might give an unhealthy look.
  • Excretory system may not function proficiently that may lead to constipation.
  • Dental problem is expected.
  • Healing process will be slow in your case that might sometime lead to chronic problems. In extreme cases epilepsy or paralysis are possible.
  • The ayurvedic formula Triphala is specific for Sani, as it cleanses all waste materials and also tonifies the deeper tissues.
  • A weak Sani can cause only problems and wearing a Blue Sapphire at the earliest can bring in conspicuous changes in your health matters and life pattern