manufacture6House of Gaea are manufacturers of faceted gemstones and unique jewerly and offer a wide range of faceted gemstones to suit all occasions and all budgets.

Our premium gemstones are faceted in the UK under strict quality control standards. Only by working with the stone, understanding the behaviour of the rutilations and the areas of constant colour, can the gemstone be shaped into something that resembles a work of art.

Faceting man hpManufacturing Process

When gemstone rough is correctly selected and processed by experienced professionals, the final gemstone will be a thing of beauty, with eye-dazzling light reflection and cut quality.

Therefore, the first stage in the manufacturing process is to select the right "rough". Rough is the mineral from which the gemstone will be faceted from.

The next stage is sawing the rough to the size/shape required so that it can be dopped. Our blogs below take you through the entire manufacturing process;