Labadorite rough2 lrA recent survey conducted by House of Gaea, has uncovered a new move regarding the most desirable optical qualities of faceted gemstones.

Gemmologists have understood for a long time that each type of gemstone has its own unique visual offering which is either natural or human-induced into the gemstone by expert faceting. While special expert faceting techniques give brilliance and favourable optical impression to the gemstone, the new survey suggests that it is the gemstones natural qualities that are the most intriguing to the modern purchaser.

Out of all the natural gemstone properties, the survey suggests that Labradorescence is highly favoured as it is both captivating and visually fascinating. This new popularity is partly due to the gemstones rarity; gemstones which offer labradorescence are not commercially available in high street stores.

In fact labradorescence is a very rare effect which only occurs in a handful of gemstones such as Labradorite gemstones or Spectrolite gemstones.

Michelle Richards, Director of House of Gaea, says, "Labradorescence in Labradorite gemstones arises from light interference within microscopically thin layers of twinned crystals. The sizes and orientations of these twin lamellae are consistent in these feldspar minerals, thus colours are strong".

The survey suggests that what makes the labradorescence phenomenon highly appealing is that it is strongly orientation dependant. Two people viewing a single gemstone from two different angles are highly likely to see two different gemstone dazzling colour displays.

Such colour displays are further enhanced by expert faceting which makes the most of Labradorite's unique type of colourful sheen. This is a specialist technique, tackled by only the most experienced facetors.

House of Gaea is a pioneer in faceting unusual minerals, turning them into beautiful gemstones. We have long since seen the beautiful appeal of Labradorite and currently have a beautiful range of faceted Labradorite gemstones and Labradorite rough in stock. These unique gemstones are ideal gifts for that special someone who desires gemstone jewelry which is unique and offers spectacular colour display.

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